Pacta is an application that allows to resolve disputes in freelance projects through decentralized arbitration, allowing to resolve these disputes quickly, at a lower cost, with greater confidence, transparency and independently

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Verification is a security function

In pacta we care about the safety of our users, thus complying with the international regulations of cy bersecurity 20.039

Create your personalized contracts and send them to your counterpart

Create your contract quickly 100% online , Pacta will provide assistance in the process of creating the contract

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Accept the contract

At Pacta we give you the possibility of being able to contract with another person without leaving your home with just one click .

I don't know

Are you happy with the job?

Pacta changed the way of doing things.

If the job does not meet the conditions of the contract, we give you the possibility of generating a Dispute Agreement

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The Dispute Agreement will be resolved with Collective Intelligence

Pacta has a network of experts in each of the subjects worldwide. Pacta will select specialized juries in your case who will decide which party will win the dispute.

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Qualified experts in the field will decide

The juries must vote, agreeing with the party that fulfilled the obligations of the contract. For this, they will have at their disposal all the follow-up of the case.

Reply to your dispute in real time

The decision of each jury is independent and is based on the same evidence provided by the parties.

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No more deadlines, bureaucracies or lawyers

Get the solution without leaving your home. You can continue doing your normal life, Pacta will notify you when the decision is made and the funds in your account.